Naming input fields and descriptions in a CMS.

So my native language is Dutch. Naming things in English is okayish. But writing descriptions for form fields can be hard. I always struggle with a proper setup.

But there are tools that can help. I have been using a tool like Quillbot. When I have to explain a certain input field that has a 'rather' complex use case this helps me rewrite or paraphrase the description I came up in the first place.

So for example. I had an input where I asked the user to set the 'column-span' of a form field.

This was my 'crappy' input:

The form has a grid of 12 columns.

Choose the amount the form field must span columns.


There are 12 columns in the form's grid.

Decide how many columns the form field must span.

So I hope this is a better (at least I hope 🤣 ).

In the end, I always attempt to name things in a way that is both elegant and easy.

P.S. With all of these ChatGPT AIs, creating helptext might really be easier.